There is no fidget toy more personally satisfying and externally annoying than a set of 10 casino-grade clay poker chips.

I see all these people saying, "Hey, the Twitter refugees are coming, try to act normal."

When the Twitter refugees came to Tumblr, Tumblr invented a Martin Scorcese-produced film about the Russian Mafia in Italy.

Let's see Mastodon try to outdo that.

@mtsw It’s also worth mentioning that GenX contained the Baby Bust (1972-75), which made college admissions easier for GenX just due to math.

Sorry Microsoft but I don’t buy that the authenticator app CANNOT work without app use diagnostics from every single user

“Hey, I think I’ll start learning Norwegian.”
<starts the DuoLingo machine>
“Huh. It keeps mentioning Bokmål.”
<starts the Wikipedia machine>
<starts reading about Bokmål>
<starts reading about Nynorsk>
[time passes]
<throws phone at wall>


A little group