I've been trying to build a Raspberry Pi K8s cluster with the 6 Pis I had lying around.

First my SD cards were crap, so I ordered new ones. Then I needed a way to power them, so I got a USB power station.

Then I didn't have convenient networking, so in came a switch and 6 new etherrnet cables.

Finally I decided that the Pi 3s were just not up to the task, so I got 6 new Pi 4s (4GB). Now the only original bit left was the microUSB cables for power.

I got the Pi 4s today and... they're USB C 💩

@rm "this is my grandfather's Kubernetes cluster" 🤣

... lmk if you want to get rid of one or two of those older 3's, I might have use for them. Trying to run up an on-prem voice assistant.

@fraterrisus Sure, happy to share the wealth. I'm actually heading out in a bit and will drop them off on your porch. The only condition is I want to hear about the project when you get something going :)

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