In today's episode of "WTF Am I Doing With My Life", I'm running Pop!_OS on my laptop, connecting to a server in my basement running Ubuntu, on which I'm running a virtual machine of Haiku, itself a reimplementation of BeOS, on which I'm currently installing a DOS emulator.

This is either an interesting art project or a cry for help. I'm not sure which.

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@rm How do you like Pop? It seemed kinda gimmicky to me, even though I v.much like System76.

(I should say I have not actually tried installing or using it, this is a completely knee-jerk reaction rather than a founded opinion.)

@fraterrisus I'm pretty happy with it so far in the ~week I've used it.

I have had to hack around a few things to get them to work the way I want. (It's based on GNOME which insists that Apple doesn't go far enough with hiding configuration.)

But overall it feels more like Ubuntu used to -- fast, sensible defaults, nicely laid out, and making it easy to extend and add more functionality. It also ships with the option to use a tiling WM by default, which I need to play with more.

@rm Huh, neat. As someone who has spent perhaps more cycles than most fighting against Ubuntu's settings, I will point you towards the gnome-tweaks package as a real lifesaver. (That, and learning where to poke in dconf-editor.)

@fraterrisus Oh, gnome-tweaks and dconf-editor and I are all old friends.

I'm just miffed that things like renaming online accounts have to be done via editing ~/.config/goa-1.0/accounts.conf.

There's a field for the display name in there, but apparently letting users put "Personal" and "Work" in a box somewhere is scary and confusing so we should stick with "[email protected]" as the display name when mounting network drives.

(I miss original Unity.)

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