I've taken Amtrak a lot. I finally realized I could use those accumulated Amtrak points to get some first class upgrades.

Y'all, first class on the Acela is a whole other thing. It gets *rowdy* on a Saturday.

One Australian (who has told everyone on the train individually that he's from Australia) has hit such a blood alcohol level that he's complaining about how long this landing is taking. The group of 30somethings near him have to keep taking breaks from loudly discussing who is going to shower with whom when they get to the hotel to remind him that he's on a train, not a plane.

They then had more wine and accused the conductor of having a secret identity as a superhero. They're taking selfies with him.


After the conductor told the 30somethings "it's none of my business what you do when you get to your hotel room, but please leave me out of it", he made an announcement that we were almost to the end of their stop.

This prompted a shout-ridden drinking competition because they weren't going to be able to stand up without spilling their drinks.

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