@fribbledom You can always put some tape on the stand to fix it!

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Good news: @adafruit has resumed shipping the after being shut down for COVID-19!

Better news: the latest one has the most adorable single board microcontroller platform I've ever seen. I intentionally didn't look at the docs before powering it up, as Adafruit always ships with fun demo apps.

I actually laughed out loud a couple of times while playing with it! I handed it to my partner and at one point she shrieked in delight.

This thing is fantastic!


@fireglow one of the nicest things about running your own instance is that you can block entire masto instances. It was surprising how few of those it took to clean most of the worst of the garbage from my server.

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Falcon 9 launches Crew Dragon on its first flight with @nasa astronauts on board!

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@dansup this looks awesome and I'm looking forward to it!

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i feel like it'll only be twenty more years before some notable museum of modern art has an exhibit of Winamp skins.

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@fraterrisus Sure, happy to share the wealth. I'm actually heading out in a bit and will drop them off on your porch. The only condition is I want to hear about the project when you get something going :)

My company has been dealing with lockdown lately by challenging folks to dress up formally for work and post pictures to prove it.

One of my teammates flat out won.

I've been trying to build a Raspberry Pi K8s cluster with the 6 Pis I had lying around.

First my SD cards were crap, so I ordered new ones. Then I needed a way to power them, so I got a USB power station.

Then I didn't have convenient networking, so in came a switch and 6 new etherrnet cables.

Finally I decided that the Pi 3s were just not up to the task, so I got 6 new Pi 4s (4GB). Now the only original bit left was the microUSB cables for power.

I got the Pi 4s today and... they're USB C 💩

@pixelfed I haven't managed to get remote follows working from my server running the latest Pixelfed.

Is there something more than searching "[email protected]" that needs to happen?

After months of wincing every time I open a jar or turn a doorknob, I broke down and got an Ultimate Hacking Keyboard so that I could set up a split keyboard with angled-out tenting.

So far it's mostly just showing me all the places that I use the wrong fingers when typing, but the build quality is great.

I'm most surprised by the fact that the mouse emulation is actually decent! I didn't expect it to be really usable but I'm finding myself not grabbing the mouse as often.

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