After the conductor told the 30somethings "it's none of my business what you do when you get to your hotel room, but please leave me out of it", he made an announcement that we were almost to the end of their stop.

This prompted a shout-ridden drinking competition because they weren't going to be able to stand up without spilling their drinks.

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They then had more wine and accused the conductor of having a secret identity as a superhero. They're taking selfies with him.

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One Australian (who has told everyone on the train individually that he's from Australia) has hit such a blood alcohol level that he's complaining about how long this landing is taking. The group of 30somethings near him have to keep taking breaks from loudly discussing who is going to shower with whom when they get to the hotel to remind him that he's on a train, not a plane.

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I've taken Amtrak a lot. I finally realized I could use those accumulated Amtrak points to get some first class upgrades.

Y'all, first class on the Acela is a whole other thing. It gets *rowdy* on a Saturday.

I've started a series of blog posts on tips for working with in interesting ways (which I am trying very hard not to call "Stupid Grafana Tricks").

I'll start sharing them here in case it's of interest!

The first was about using HTML in text panels to draw horizontal and vertical lines to divide up data in your dashboards:

The most recent is on abusing dashboard variables to make clicking in one panel change what's displayed in another:

14 chapters.
345 pages.
252 illustrations.

The first draft of my book is DONE.

Now to drink and then start reviewing the notes from the editor!

Heard at every conference ever:

"We'll now open up to questions from the audience."

"Hi, yes, I have a question. Well, two questions actually, and the first one has six parts. Actually less of a question, more of a story. Actually first let me explain where I'm coming from. I think first though you need my entire life story..."

- Coworker: Hey, can I ask you a question?
- Me: You just did!
- Coworker: I have a question about $specific_tech.
- Me: *waits several minutes*
- Me: It's bad enough to "ask to ask" but please don't make me ask you to ask me your question.

I think from now on I'm only communicating with Z-machine text parsers. Humans are over.

I have found Militant Bisexual Youtube and am likely to be absolutely insufferable until I sober up.

When I die, I want my tombstone to read:


That's enough info for anyone.

@fribbledom I have an algorithm that I can run in my head to generate a unique password per site/service using a salt and parts of the service name.

The best part is that I taught the algorithm to my partner and just use a (different) shared salt for things where we need to share a password!

If anyone is interested in presenting at the next GrafanaCONline, the call for papers is is closing soon! Submit your 20- or 40-minute talk ideas by 06:59 AM UTC on April 10th.

That moment when you go to do a `git pull` on a service you're hosting for friends and realize that:
* you can't do a pull because you stupidly wrote the language translations you upstreamed in your working directory for the service you run
* you are almost certainly the only person who has ever even looked at the service in Esperanto anyway
* you shouldn't be updating running services while drinking, what's wrong with you

I understand the need for security training. I also understand the need to refresh this.

But I really wish I could skip watching hours of painful videos and just prove to the online test that I still know not to use "password" as my password.

Test Question: You get an email that says "Dear FIRSTNAME, I am CEO of UR COMPANY and plaze you must sends me iTunes gift crads now!!!1"

Do you:
* send the gift cards
* wipe the drool off of your keyboard and _then_ send the gift cards
* not be an idiot

@fraterrisus Oh, gnome-tweaks and dconf-editor and I are all old friends.

I'm just miffed that things like renaming online accounts have to be done via editing ~/.config/goa-1.0/accounts.conf.

There's a field for the display name in there, but apparently letting users put "Personal" and "Work" in a box somewhere is scary and confusing so we should stick with "[email protected]" as the display name when mounting network drives.

(I miss original Unity.)

@fraterrisus I'm pretty happy with it so far in the ~week I've used it.

I have had to hack around a few things to get them to work the way I want. (It's based on GNOME which insists that Apple doesn't go far enough with hiding configuration.)

But overall it feels more like Ubuntu used to -- fast, sensible defaults, nicely laid out, and making it easy to extend and add more functionality. It also ships with the option to use a tiling WM by default, which I need to play with more.

@fribbledom I am in total awe of the number of awesome things you build and/or contribute to. You are amazing!

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Really excited for FediDB, its something I wish existed when I started Pixelfed.

I hope it helps bring fediverse developers closer together and encourages greater compatibility across implementations!

#fedidb #activitypub #federation #communityResources

@fribbledom How do I nominate languages and how do I get Forth onto the list? :D

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