"Hooray"? I don't need your sarcasm, corporate travel website.

@fraterrisus being out of striking range is sorta core to my humor style

@fraterrisus so I realize this is super old but knowing that "normal" DNS is over UDP so doesn't have error correction, I was wondering if you were going to send multiple birds pigeons in case one gets lost or eaten on the way. I just really want to know if you planned to get birds of a feather to DoC together.

@janellecshane Not going to lie, I'd read a couple of those. I'm actually hooked by "I had forgotten that I was also playing with a dead man".

My new house has ethernet jacks in most rooms! Hooray!

But I cannot for the life of me figure out why the cable runs all terminate in a *tiny* panel hidden in the unventilated coat closet next to the front door. A closet with no power.

I'm putting a small POE switch in there and hoping it doesn't heat up too much...

@fribbledom Depending on what kind of maker, Adafruit (adafruit.com) might have some of what you're looking for. There are plenty of sensors and such under $10.

@fribbledom this is a really cool idea!

(And of course I checked ;) )

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Just checked into my hotel in Stockholm. This is the view from my bed.

If I don't check in tomorrow it's because creepy empty-eyed animals have eaten my soul and there's a mysterious addition to the wallpaper menagerie staring blankly and waiting for the next victim.

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Me: I've finally started watching that show you recommended!

All my friends: Oh, let me tell you my favorite twist that happens three seasons in!


All my friends: Okay no spoilers sure but I'm going to tell you the twist anyway


Steam: [downloads 300 MB of client update every time I start it]

Also Steam: I didn't want to make you wait so I scheduled the 6 MB patch that stops the game you wanted to play from crashing for 3:37 tomorrow morning

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there's nothing worse in this world than baseball

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Playing a dungeon game where a neural net is DMing has a lot in common with lucid dreaming.

Text in particular is slippery and resistant to being read.


Whoever is doing the venue music for this conference *loves* Tears For Fears.

Don't get me wrong, TFF is great, but after the eighth time you hear "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" in a single day it starts to wear a bit thin.

@fireglow it's been observed that the only thing that emacs is lacking to be a great OS is a decent text editor.

The good news: I found someplace to get quick vegetarian food.

The bad news: it was apparently made out of ex-lax and poison.

If anyone is at in Portland today, come say hello! I'll be giving a talk on integrating with .

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