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All the UK shenanigans today... I can't even. I'm lost and none of it makes any sense even when the actual events are clearly happening. All I have are virtual hugs for my friends in the UK because WTF, there's nothing else I can do right now.

You deserve better. I'm so sorry.

If you're new to Mastodon and not seeing much, be sure to check out the 'Local' view to see other people on the same instance and the 'Federated' view to see what people on other instances are talking about!

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Please stop explaining banana bread to me, food blogger, and just give me the recipe

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Ĉu iu scias se en la interreto ekzistas pornon en esperanto? Tio estas por unu amikon…

Canning a batch of vegetable broth and it's nice enough out to have the windows open. What madness is this -- is autumn here already? If so, can it please stick around for about the next six months?

I should really be cleaning my disastrously messy house. Instead I'm going to play video games all day.

It took a few days of struggling and swearing, but I got deployed behind a reverse proxy and everything seems to be working!

I learned more about Docker networking than I ever intended to and I still don't feel like I've even gotten to beginner stage. 😭


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