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AWS managed service for Grafana and Prometheus announced today! Very excited to see these tools made easier to access for AWS users!

Basically this makes an X or Wayland system into a multi-seat terminal server surprisingly easily. After having done this once, I think I could scale it out to a ton of seats really quickly.

Why anyone felt the need to *build* this after, say, 1985 or so is beyond me. But it is cool regardless!

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[email protected]:~$ loginctl seat-status seat1
Sessions: *c2
│ [MASTER] drm:card1
│ drm:renderD128
sound:card0 "NVidia_1"

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[email protected]:~$ loginctl list-seats
seat23 seats listed.

[email protected]:~$ loginctl list-sessions
11 1000 fader pts/2
4 1000 fader pts/0
5 1000 fader pts/1
c1 124 lightdm seat0
c2 1000 fader seat1
c3 1001 xayide seat2 6 sessions listed.

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Today I learned about `loginctl` which, as expected, controls Linux logins. It's not quite as well documented as I'd like, but after tinkering with it for a while I've done some very cool stuff.

I put two NVidia cards into a 2U server and used `loginctl` to associate each one with an automatic login session in lightdm (plus one non-autologin session with the built-in VGA hardware). So without creating an xorg.conf at all, this system runs an X session for each card plus Steam to stream games!

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"Space-time tells matter how to move; matter tells space-time how to curve"

-- John Wheeler

My coworker: "I feel so bad for you when I look at your calendar! You never even have time to eat lunch!"

Same coworker: *books last remaining 30 minute slot in my day between 0800 and 1800*

Early voting in the past: show up, walk right in, vote, leave.

Early voting today: line out the door of city hall, down the street, and around the block.

And early voting has been running for a week already.

It took me way longer to get this working than expected but it's alive! 2.11BSD on a PDP/11-70 (emulated) logged in via a TeleVideo serial terminal.

Ready to go conquer the Great Underground Empire!

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The Golang tutorial never ceases to make me feel stupid. The difficulty curve just feels way off for me, like

• Lesson 1 - What is a keyboard
• Lesson 2 - Saving a file in your editor
• Lesson 3 - Running "hello, world"
• Lesson 4 - Massively parallelized asymmetrical quantum computing across 17 star systems

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Good news: @adafruit has resumed shipping the after being shut down for COVID-19!

Better news: the latest one has the most adorable single board microcontroller platform I've ever seen. I intentionally didn't look at the docs before powering it up, as Adafruit always ships with fun demo apps.

I actually laughed out loud a couple of times while playing with it! I handed it to my partner and at one point she shrieked in delight.

This thing is fantastic!

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Falcon 9 launches Crew Dragon on its first flight with @nasa astronauts on board!

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My company has been dealing with lockdown lately by challenging folks to dress up formally for work and post pictures to prove it.

One of my teammates flat out won.

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